DHS Recruiting HCC Coordinator for Region 2

DHS is currently recruiting an HCC Coordinator – Contract Position for Region 2.  Attached is the link to apply for this position.  Please forward to any persons that may be interested in applying.


Tourniquets Save Lives

The Stop the Bleed campaign stresses the importance of bystander intervention to stop severe bleeding. Over the last year the Wisconsin Healthcare Coalitions have given 10,000 tourniquets to law enforcement officers across the state. A number of lives already been saved by tourniquets including this one in Rock County.

Region 2 Offers CISM Training

NCW HERC is looking to establish a “Critical Incident Stress” strike team.  We are aware of the challenges that occur to find external support needs for emotional first aid/well-being when a crisis or tragic event happens.  Often times, internal resources are relied upon to offer resources for the immediate need, but may not have the ability to provide the next step for group emotional support after the event.  

Due to recent events in our Coalition region and the nation, we recognize the importance to develop this capability and are providing the training session, at no cost to the attendee, to create this resource to assist our partners with emotional support.

We encourage that each of the hospitals in the Coalition region identify 2 individuals to attend this 2-day training session.  Individuals that do attend this training session are requested to provided personal contact information and commit to being listed as a resource on the strike team.  They should be willing to volunteer to facilitate a group debriefing/ emotional support session for the requested party. 

The course has a maximum attendance limit.  Until May 30th, Hospitals will be limited to only register 2 individuals.  After that, remaining seats will be open to all partners in the Coalition region. Click HERE for a flier with registration information.

State Offers BDLS Training

Wisconsin is offering five sessions  of the Basic Disaster Life Support course. The Basic Disaster Life Support™ (BDLS®) course is a 7.5 hour competency-based, awareness-level course that introduces concepts and principles to prepare health professionals for the management of injuries and illnesses caused by disasters and public health emergencies. Click HERE for more information and a registration link.

State DHS Hires Healthcare Preparedness Program Manager

Michelle Seitz has been in the health emergency preparedness field for many years. Michelle brings more than sixteen years of experience in emergency preparedness, response and recovery planning for healthcare and public health agencies. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management, a Master’s Degree of Science in Homeland Security Management as well as having real life experience increasing local, regional and national response efforts.

Michelle has been a national leader in pediatric preparedness, sitting on the Executive Committee of the National Pediatric Disaster Coalition and  has experience working in the emergency management field in a hospital for seven. Earlier in her career she worked in public health preparedness. She will begin April 3.

Wisconsin Week Planned at the Center for Disaster Preparedness

Plans are being made to take a large group of healthcare providers to the DHS Center for Disaster Preparedness in Anniston AL. This is a great opportunity and completely FREE to students including the travel. The following courses will be offered:

  • Emergency Medical Operations for CBRNE Incidents 
  • Healthcare Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents 
  • Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents 

 CLICK HERE for more information or contract your regional healthcare coalition coordinator.

Project Grants Awarded 

Congratulations to the NCW HERC member organizations awarded this year's project grants. the NCW HERC recieved applications for over $130,000 worth of projects but unfortunately we only had about $80,000 to award. After careful review and scoring the Board of Directors awarded a total of $85,327 to the following projects.

Agency Amount Project
Ascension Saint Clare's Hospital $4,000 WI Trac computer display
Ascension Saint Michael's Hospital $600 HAM radio
Ascension Saint Michael's Hospital $4,000 WI Trac computer display
Oneida County Emergency Management $4,960 WI-CAMS
Aspirus Wausau Hospital $10,500 Electronic Incident Command Pilot
Aspirus Wausau Hospital $3,000 WI Trac computer display
Ascension Saint Clare's Hospital $16,895 Emergency shelter (portable building)
Aspirus Riverview Hospital $12,285 Patient DECON hot water heater
Aspirus Wausau Hospital $9,833 Flexmort cooling blanket
Aspirus Wausau Hospital $6,000 ENPC course
Ascension Saint Joseph's Hospital $4,233 HAZMAT supplies
Ascension Saint Michael's Hospital $6,840 PAPRS
Marathon County Emergency Management $2,179 Trench rescue training

WISCOM Training to be Offered

Highlighting the importance of WISCOM as a communication option within the region and across the state, the NCW HERC will be providing additional training on the WISCOM radio system to hospitals and possbily other HERC partners in the region. The HERC has contacted with Mark Schroeder to provide the training. He will be in contact with hospitals to set up training in the near future.

Tourniquets for Law Enforcement

The Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Program has purchased and provided over 8,800 tourniquets to Wisconsin law enforcement officers. Recognizing that tourniquets can be used to save the life not only of law enforcement officer but also of other responders or citizens, WHEPP is providing free tourniquets to any law enforcement agencies that agree to get the training and have officers carry the devices on them.

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