NCW HERC's Mission: 

To increase collaboration and readiness across the healthcare sector, public and private, to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from emergent, catastrophic events. 

NCW HERC's Vision: 

Prepared and ready healthcare in North Central Wisconsin. 

NCW HERC's Objectives: 

  • Prevent the loss of life, property and undue suffering in Region 2. 
  • Facilitate increased collaboration and communication of partners in Region 2. 
  • Identify common gaps in education and knowledge of partners in Region 2. 
  • Identify emerging change in practice related to preparedness for partners in Region 2. 
  • Coordinate identified trainingneeds for partners in Region 2. 
  • Disseminate emerging information and guidance to partners in Region 2.
  • Identify new resources for partners in region 2. 


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