Medical ProfessionalsThe HCC is given guidance and a plan of work (2016-2017 Work Plan) from the Wisconsin Department of Health based on the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Program Measures.

The current plan of work includes the following capabilities:

  • Healthcare system preparedness
  • Healthcare system recovery
  • Emergency operations coordination
  • Fatality management
  • Information sharing
  • Medical surge
  • Responder safety and health
  • Volunteer management

The NCW HERC will work collaboratively with all partners in the HERC to ensure all capabilities are addressed. This will be accomplished through gap analysis, prioritization of the gaps, identification of courses of action, implementation of a course of action and then exercising to ascertain if the course of action was successfully accomplished. If the exercise determines that the course of action did not meet the capability then the process will start over.

The NCW HERC will establish a mitigation, planning, response and recovery framework to enhance collaboration, communications and coordination before, during and after an event. The framework will have the following elements; triggers, notification, activation/response and roles of all partners in the HERC. The framework will also be in alignment with ESF 8.

A training program will be established that encompasses the NCW HERC mitigation, planning response and recovery framework and ESF 8. Also this training program shall refer to the results of the Internal Hospital Resource Survey.

The NCW HERC will conduct a gap analysis for equipping the region based, in part, on the results of the Internal Hospital Resource Survey.

In the NCW HERC framework, coordinating instructions will be developed for the communication and collaboration with the other HERC’s, state and federal partners.

Additional Documents

Additional documents are available from the Wisconsin DHS

The Wisconsin State EMS Office has provided guidance for EMS agencies about healthcare coalitions and why it is important that they be a part of them.

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