Some of the projects the NCW HERC is currently working on include:

2016-2017 Project Grants

Congratulations to the NCW HERC members whose projects were funded for 2016-2017.

Agency Amount Project
Ascension Saint Clare's Hospital $4,000 WI Trac computer display
Ascension Saint Michael's Hospital $600 HAM radio
Ascension Saint Michael's Hospital $4,000 WI Trac computer display
Oneida County Emergency Management $4,960 WI-CAMS
Aspirus Wausau Hospital $10,500 Electronic Incident Command Pilot
Aspirus Wausau Hospital $3,000 WI Trac computer display
Ascension Saint Clare's Hospital $16,895 Emergency shelter (portable building)
Aspirus Riverview Hospital $12,285 Patient DECON hot water heater
Aspirus Wausau Hospital $9,833 Flexmort cooling blanket
Aspirus Wausau Hospital $6,000 ENPC course
Ascension Saint Joseph's Hospital $4,233 HAZMAT supplies
Ascension Saint Michael's Hospital $6,840 PAPRS
Marathon County Emergency Management $2,179 Trench rescue training

Medical Coordinatior of Mass Casualty Events

The NCW HERC is developing a tiered response plan to health emergencies. The plan identifies area medical coordinating centers (AMCC) and regional medical coordinating centers (RMCC) to manage and coordinate resources in transporting patients to immediate and definitive care.Surge2015firstexport 7 Resize The AMCCs and RMCCs will use WiTrac and other communication tools to work with hospital, EMS and other entities to provide efficient and effective transport of patients without overwhelming local resources.

Mass Fatality Plan 

In the event that a health emergency results in a large number of fatalities, the region must be prepared to manage the victims with dignity and respect. Normal systems will be overwhelmed and hospitals, medical examiners, coroners and public health will work together to identify victims, notify families and store human remains safely. 

Isopods for Highly-Infectious Patients

Iso Pod Pediatric


The NCW HERC has purchased Isopod patient transport units for all hospitals in our region as well as level 2 transport services. The Isopod can be used for the care and transport of patients with suspected Ebola or similar highly-infectious diseases.

Training Videos for the Isopods:

UV Lights for ED and Ambulance Decon

The NCW HERC has supplied each hospital in the region with two portable UV lights to supplement the decontamination of emergency department rooms and ambulances.

UV Light Ambulance Sm     UV Light ED Room Sm

Patient rooms and ambulances still require standard cleaning with appropriate disinfectants but the UV lights  provide an extra layer of very effective infection control. Learn more about the units purchased by the NCW HERC as well as some independant testing done with the units below. 

Turbo-UV Brochure

Evidence 1           Evidence 2            Evidence 3          Evidence 4

SMART Traige Kits 

One of the first responsibiliites EMS providers have in the event of a mass casualty event is the triage of patients. Use of a system that is standardized across a region helps providers from multiple agencies work together and avoid mis-communication.

the NCW HERC is providing EMS agencies, that work together across a county or similar region, with SMART Triage packs. The triage cards can vbe used with either SALT or START triage algorithms and each tag has a unique number that can be used as part of patient tracking.

More information about using SMART Triage products:

SafeTech Solutions Consultatioin Report

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